DogMap Terms of Use

Status: 5.10.2023

About DogMap

DogMap is an interactive online map that allows you to discover new places and mark how dog or assistance dog-friendly these public places are. is available online (hereinafter “website”) and as a mobile web application (hereinafter “app”) on Google Play and App Store. It was created by Pfotenpiloten as part of a three-year access campaign for the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) in Germany
DogMap is operated by the independent, non-profit organization Pfotenpiloten, Postfach 61 06 12, 60348 Frankfurt am Main.

All Pfotenpiloten data protection regulations and information are also valid for DogMap. Pfotenpiloten is supported by an external data protection officer to ensure data protection.

In addition to improved access rights and easier planning of everyday life with dogs/assistance dogs, DogMap supports the work of the Assistance Dog Foundation and therefore actively supports qualified assistance dog teams.

DogMap works all over the world and can be provided free of charge thanks to the generous support and resources of Google Maps. All user entries are available immediately. In addition to German, DogMap also works in English, Spanish, French and many other languages – new ones and updates are added regularly.

We reserve the right to revoke permission to embed the DogMap free of charge if a website represents discriminatory views or views that are incompatible with the Pfotenpiloten and/or DogMap mission. The project itself may only be inserted in its original form, without modification.

You can therefore embed DogMap in your website free of charge. Simply copy the “iframe” code that you find below this text and paste it where you want it. Of course, we also look forward to hearing from you and finding out where and how the map is being used.

The following provisions govern your use of the website and the app. By visiting the website, you agree to the following terms of use. You also expressly agreed to these terms of use when you voluntarily registered as a user.


1.1 Markings
Users of the website can currently call up information on the dog and assistance dog friendliness of the places entered in DogMap and mark places on DogMap without registering. You can do this by changing the status of a registered location on DogMap, e.g. from red (not even assistance dogs are allowed) to green (all dogs allowed). Users who mark locations without registering transfer an irrevocable, unrestricted right to use all location markers to Pfotenpiloten. Pfotenpiloten stores this location data in a database and makes it available to other users on DogMap. We may also share this data with other projects, such as other accessibility projects.

1.2 User account
Creating a user account is optional. Most DogMap functions work similarly or even exactly the same when used anonymously without an account. For further use of the website, in particular to be able to use a list of self-marked locations and to benefit from various advantages for account holders, you must create a user account. The information shared here is kept strictly confidential and is never shared with others. The required registration process is offered on Users not only stay up to date on future DogMap-related updates and the Assistance Dog Foundation, but also find out about new competitions and special offers.

1.3 Location authorization

DogMap works best when the app or browser is authorized to determine your location. This location authorization is only used to provide you with relevant information in your area. Your location is not tracked or analyzed.

You can also reject or revoke the location authorization. This does not change the functionality of DogMap – however, you must always enter your location in the search field first if you want to call up dog-friendly locations in your area.

1.3 Integrity of markings
Only places accessible to the public, in particular train stations, bus stops, public authorities, restaurants, and stores, may be entered in DogMap. Homes and rooms of companies and authorities that are not accessible to the general public should not be created or marked. You are obliged to label locations and the status of the created locations truthfully. We can and will delete incorrect labels immediately. We also reserve the right to fully or partially undo entries and changes made by users who repeatedly (i.e. at least twice) create or label locations incorrectly and, if necessary, to delete their user account.

1.4 Correctness of markings
We do not check or monitor the accuracy and current status of markings made by the users of In addition, changes may occur after a location has been entered or marked that have not yet been taken into account on DogMap and of which we are also unaware. We can therefore accept no responsibility for ensuring that all markings are correct or up-to-date, and are not liable for this. We are also dependent on your cooperation in this respect. If you notice that a location has been entered or marked incorrectly, you can correct it.

1.5 Misuse may only be used in a contractual and lawful manner. Users may not use any measures, mechanisms, software, scripts, or snippets in connection with the use of that may interfere with the functioning of the website or the app. You may not take any measures that could result in an unreasonable load on the website or the app.

Comments do not go live immediately but are activated by us at regular intervals. This measure serves to avoid spam. Through this process, users whose comments do not comply with our terms of use or do not mark places correctly can become visible to us. We reserve the right to remove all entries of such an account or those created by the same device ID.

Use of the comment field:

A. Please limit yourself to important information about the respective location.
B. We reserve the right to delete comments and links without prior notification of the author or to withdraw the comment function from users.
C. Pfotenpiloten may permanently publish the content provided in the comment field. The information and wording become common knowledge when entered in the comment field. There is no entitlement to a fee, special mention, or feedback.
D. We place great importance on ensuring that all people we work with and serve are protected from discrimination. We also expect our users to be tolerant of others. Pfotenpiloten clearly opposes discrimination of any kind, be it on the basis of disability or type of disability, prejudices regarding the dog and its ownership, the training path of an assistance dog, religion, faith, gender, age, national origin, ancestry, race, skin color, social, economic, family or professional status, or sexual orientation.

In addition, the following are not permitted:

– Violations of third-party rights (persons, institutions, organizations, companies)
– Comments that are not related to the respective location
– Incitement to violence against persons, institutions or companies
– Extremism, racism and hate propaganda
– Untrue allegations
– Pornography and obscenities
– Election and party advertising and appeals for donations of all kinds
– Calls for campaigns, rallies and petitions, regardless of political orientation
– Inserts from other portals
– Links to external websites without reference to the location
– The publication of private addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers
– The publication of private correspondence (letters, e-mails and the like)
– Misuse of the comment function for advertising purposes and spamming
– The commercial or private offering of goods or services

Comments that violate our guidelines will not be published and authors may be excluded from our platform. Comments that violate these guidelines will not be approved and will be deleted. We do not provide any information about deleted or unapproved comments. By submitting a comment, you agree to these rules and the comment guidelines. We reserve the right to expand our netiquette as the community grows.

Each user is responsible for the contributions he or she publishes. Even with an activation by Pfotenpiloten we assume no liability for content. The responsibility remains permanently with the authors.

Published comments do not reflect the opinion of Pfotenpiloten. We are not responsible for the accuracy, form, or content of external sites that can be accessed via a link. The commenter is directly responsible for all claims if such claims are asserted due to an infringement committed by them.


Entries made by DogMap users are subject to a public license, regardless of whether the user was logged in with their own account or not. The data collected, including links and comments, may be shared by Pfotenpiloten with other projects.


DogMap uses the mapping service of Google Maps via an API. The provider is Google Inc, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. DogMap is made possible by a generous, ongoing grant from Google.

We are not responsible for information, data, and images managed by Google that appear on and have no influence on their accuracy. Please contact if you have any complaints about the map data. A link can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of DogMap.

Comments that are added to an entry, as well as the marking of locations (dog friendly – assistance dog friendly – access barrier) are not shared with Google, but are stored and managed on Pfotenpiloten servers.

To use the functions of Google Maps, it is necessary to save your IP address. This information is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. The provider of this site has no influence on this data transmission.

The use of Google Maps is in the interest of providing appealing assistance and making it easy to find the places we indicate on the website. This constitutes a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR.

You can find more information on the handling of user data in Google’s privacy policy:


This agreement is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the user is a merchant, a legal entity under public law, or a special fund under public law, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be the respective registered office of Pfotenpiloten. Insofar as the user has no general place of jurisdiction (in the case of persons, their place of residence or, in the absence thereof, their place of residence; in the case of legal entities, the registered office) in the Federal Republic of Germany, the respective registered office of Pfotenpiloten is also agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this agreement; however, if another place of jurisdiction is permitted in addition or exclusively by virtue of mandatory law, that place of jurisdiction shall also or exclusively be decisive.


We are entitled to amend these terms of use at any time, with effect for the future. The amended terms of use will be sent to you by e-mail one week before they come into effect, provided you have registered an e-mail address with Otherwise, we will inform you of the amended terms of use one week before they come into force when you visit or, for example, by means of a push message when you use the app. You are free at any time to stop using or to request the deletion of your user account. For non-registered users, the terms of use that are current at the time of use of the website or app and can be accessed on the website apply. We will indicate any changes to our terms of use on the website. If you continue to use the website or the app after the terms of use have been amended, you agree to the amended terms of use by continuing to use the website or the app.