Want to discover a new, dog-friendly restaurant?
Planning a trip with your dog?
Not sure if the new doctor’s office is assistance dog friendly?


With almost 500,000 entries worldwide, DogMap offers quick answers and is growing rapidly. On average, every dogmapper marks 50 new places… will we reach 1 million marked locations in 2024?
Please spread the word to all dog lovers now!
The app is available for free in the Google Play and Apple App Store.
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Neun Silhouetten von verschiedenen Assistenzhundteams

DogMap supports assistance dog teams – with your help!

Not only is DogMap very useful, but also aims to establish effective support for qualified assistance dog teams!
Proceeds support the work of Assistance Dog Foundation

  • Download the app now!
  • Create an account and stay up to date.
  • Mark all known places – around you and those visited.
  • Organizations gain special attention with partner-markers!
  • Plan and book trips with your dog on DogMap: The link to your hotel always offers you the best deal and a bonus for us.
  • DogMap can be easily integrated into your own website.
  • Pass the word to all dog lovers – DogMap gets better the more people take part!
Group photo from the accessibility campaign "Assistance Dogs Welcome"
Logo of Assistance Dog Foundation

About us

DogMap was developed by Pfotenpiloten during our assistance dog access campaign for the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – and is now an eternal gift to all dog owners!

DogMap supports the important work of the Assistance Dog Foundation. Together we build effective solutions for assistance dog teams. An assistance dog is often the key to a more mobile life for people with disabilities – but usually has to be financed by the owners themselves.

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