Staying Healthy by Owning a Dog

The following post is from Laura Marie Schülke, who accompanied us as an intern for 6 weeks.
House pets, especially dogs, are a remedy for the soul.

Anyone who has a four-legged friend at home knows what I’m talking about. Our dog is our fluffy comforter when we’re feeling sad, and they make us laugh when we come home after a stressful day at work or have expensive bills to pay. And not just because of their funny sleeping positions … Their faithful, joyful gaze when you finally return home makes all your troubles blow away.

What dog owners have secretly always known has now been scientifically proven; a study from 2011 presented the hypothesis that house pet owners have fewer cardiovascular risks. The researcher found out that dog owners are more active than people without house pets. After all, we go outside with our best friend come wind or rain because our four-legged friend needs a good run around.

Dog owners also have lower blood pressure. This is really great, as high blood pressure can cause fissures in blood vessels. These fissures can lead to arteriosclerosis- the calcification of our body tissue. And similarly to a washing machine, this calcification means nothing good. In the worst cases, this can result in a heart attack or a stroke, depending on where the calcification has formed. Our dogs are Calgon for us humans. Amazing, right?

This still isn’t all the good news: dogs also reduce our triglyceride and cholesterol levels. If these levels are increased, they can help develop the nasty calcification of body tissue. Your dog is like a vaccination against stress. Reports from companies, which allow dogs in the workplace, seem to confirm this…

So dear reader, if you still do not have a dog, now is the time. They are not just a man’s best friend, but also a doctor’s and therapist’s! Stay healthy!