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Discover dog-friendly places and share experiences – worldwide, easy, free of charge.

DogMap works in 23 languages.

With almost 750,000 entries, DogMap is the largest interactive map for dog lovers.
The initiative becomes more valuable with every new DogMapper.
The next goal: 1 million markers!

Helping assistance dog teams together

DogMap is a non-profit project of the Pfotenpiloten. We are committed to assistance dogs and their access rights and support qualified assistance dog teams through the Assistance Dog Foundation.
We can only do all this with your help!

Assistance dogs enable people with disabilities to live more mobile and autonomous lives – but they usually have to be financed themselves. With your dedicated help, we can create lasting solutions!

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Smartphone screen for an app that displays dog-friendly locations on a map. At the top of the screen is the text 'Discover and mark dog-friendly places', below which is a map densely populated with green and orange markers for various locations. Above the map is a picture of a cute Golden Retriever puppy. Below the puppy it says '750,000+ is growing fast!

It’s so easy to become a DogMapper

  • Mark all known locations.
  • Download the app and instantly share your experiences on the road.
  • Share DogMap with friends and even embed it in your own website.

How you can help:

  • Plan and book trips on DogMap! Dog-friendly places and accommodation are easy to find. The stored pet policy shows prices and special features. With one click, you can find the best prices and book directly via DogMap: Booking via DogMap supports assistance dog teams, at no extra cost to you.
  • DogMap partners can be recognized by special markers.
  • Last but not least: your charitable donation will improve the situation for assistance dog teams in the long term!
Screenshot of a smartphone with an open app for rating the dog-friendliness of places. The upper part of the screen shows the text 'How dog-friendly is this place? Below this is a detail page for 'Apollo-Optik, Unter den Linden, Berlin', with options to mark accessibility for all dogs, assistance dogs only or with access barriers. The address, website, phone number, opening hours and a rating of 4.7 are also displayed.
An advertising screen on a smartphone for a user account of an app. The upper part says 'Your account (optional)' followed by various function descriptions such as 'Marker list', 'Save & share markers', 'Win prizes - automatic draw', 'Special offers - limited time', 'News & events - be the first to know' and 'Always free'. At the bottom of the screen is a smiling woman with curly hair sitting next to a relaxed dog.

Your free account:

DogMap also works without registration.
With your registration you will receive free of charge:

  • Unrestricted use
  • The list of your marked locations
  • Favorites list, also for sharing (soon)
  • Automatic chance of winning in our raffles
  • Valuable tips and offers just for DogMappers
  • Updates and new developments
  • Invitation to exciting activities (also on site)
Screenshot of a smartphone with an advert for the 'Hilton Molino Stucky' hotel, specifically aimed at dog owners. At the top of the screen it says 'Book the perfect hotel' followed by 'Info for dog guests' with questions about fees, conditions of stay and green zones. At the bottom of the advert are details of the hotel including address, website, telephone number and a rating of 4.4. A picture of a golden retriever puppy with a scarf is visible.
A smartphone screen shows an advertising image for the DogMap Assistance Dog Foundation. At the top of the image is a large, turquoise-coloured symbol with a paw print. Below this, 'DogMap promotes' is written in turquoise lettering. At the bottom is a young golden retriever puppy looking directly into the camera and happily sticking out its tongue.

So helfen wir Assistenzhundteams:

Seit 2015 engagiert sich Pfotenpiloten für Assistenzhunde und die Zutrittsrechte der Teams. In unserer dreijährigen Kampagne für das deutsche Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales ist DogMap entstanden, die wir seitdem weiter ausbauen.

Stiftung Assistenzhund,
unsere Tochterorganisation, sichert Qualität durch eine unabhängige, umfassende Prüfung und etabliert Förderstrukturen für qualifizierte Assistenzhundteams.

Sowohl Pfotenpiloten als auch Stiftung Assistenzhund bilden selbst keine Assistenzhunde aus und sind strikt unabhängig. Das erlaubt uns, die Interessen aller Parteien im Auge zu behalten: neben den HalterInnen auch die der Hunde, der AusbilderInnen, der Öffentlichkeit und der Förderer.

A smartphone screenshot showing a cheerful scene with a woman, a person in a dog costume and two dogs. The woman, wearing a light blue blouse and shorts, smiles and raises her hand in greeting. Next to her is a person in a golden dog costume with a sign saying '#AssistenzhundWillkommen'. An assistance Labrador and a young golden retriever look on attentively. Text at the top of the screen reads 'Join in!
Group photo from the accessibility campaign "Assistance Dogs Welcome"

DogMap supports assistance dog teams – with your help!

DogMap was developed by Pfotenpiloten during our access campaign Assistenzhund Willkommen for the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The app is now a gift to all dog owners forever!

supports the important work of the Assistance Dog Foundation.
Together we build effective solutions for assistance dog teams.