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Discover new dog-friendly places at any time – no matter where in the World you are. DogMap, a nonprofit project, is gratis and growing rapidly. Proceeds support qualified assistance dog teams through Assistance Dog Foundation.


The best solutions come about when everyone joins in:
With almost 750,000 entries DogMap is already the largest interactive map for dog lovers and is growing rapidly… will we reach 1 million marked locations by 2025? Please share!


Free in the Google Play & Apple App Store:

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DogMap is valuable for all dog lovers. At the same time, it supports assistance dog teams and advances knowledge and awareness.
Revenues support the Assistance Dog Foundation.

How you can help:

  • Download the app now.
  • Create a free account for many benefits:
    List of favorites, free raffles, tips, events and exciting updates.
  • Mark all known places, locally and far away, and share experiences.
  • Plan trips with your dog on DogMap, compare pet policy and prices and book: DogMap supports this at no extra cost.
  • Simply embed DogMap into your own website.
  • DogMap partners stand out with special markers!
  • Pass the word to all dog lovers:
    DogMap gets better the more people use it!

Assistance dogs allow people with disabilities to live more mobile and autonomous lives – but there often is no financing or support.

Group photo from the accessibility campaign "Assistance Dogs Welcome"

DogMap supports assistance dog teams – with your help!

DogMap was developed by Pfotenpiloten during our access campaign for the German Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The app is now a forever gift to all dog owners!

DogMap supports the important work of the Assistance Dog Foundation. Together we build effective solutions for assistance dog teams.